So what I’ve decided to do is an “in case you missed it” style post every month, on the last “free” day of the month (much like I do with the monthly comic “Pull List” on the first “free day”, which is Monday-Thursday, when I don’t have a usual article scheduled). I’m assuming you won’t miss the misplaced sequel references in the title. I’ve also broken it down by media type, so if you don’t care about comics, but love video games you can spin through easier.

Of course, I spent all last week going over Comic-Con news, which not only makes this late, but pushes the Monthly Pull List to a date late, as well. It happens.

Video Games

  • At a speech in for the 10th Anniversary of the NAACP, President Obama took what gamers and game makers saw as a shot at the X-Box, and apparently not for the first time. Microsoft issued their own response. Apparently, Mr. Obama hasn’t heard of professional gaming or people who make video games earning a lot of money that they may spend elsewhere, like the economy or his re-election fund. Also, a proper video game can entertain, make kids think, and for years many have said promote good hand/eye  coordination. Although they should get out and see what else the world has to offer, too. That’s what the DS-I and PSP are for. 😀
  • On the other hand, a member of the Obama administration is allowed to shunt for him on the MMO Second Life.
  • Video game company Midway, which has been around since the early arcade days, is getting hit by the economy issues.
  • PC gamers are unhappy that the next Command And Conquer game coming their way requires them to be connected to the internet when they play.
  • A video game is used to make a statement about the controversial “card-check” system to get people to join a union. (Full disclosure: I’m against it because I’m against the modern version of a union, which seems more like the robber-barons they were created to protect workers from. Writers have a union as well, as most TV viewers are aware of.)
  • Apparently, the Resident Evil 5 controversy had a baby and named it Left 4 Dead. Plus his cousin’s gay. (No, I’m not happy that’s the best line I could come up with.)
  • Speaking of perceived gay bashing
  • Selling your MMO account to someone in Sweden? The Swedish government wants a piece of that money.

And yes, most of my game news at current comes from GamePolitics. It’s not a format I follow that often since I don’t have a lot of time to play video games.


  • Robot 6 interviews Muppet Show comic writer Roger Langridge.
  • Matt Brady is leaving Newsarama, the comic news site he was a part of since the beginning.
  • For those of you who think digital comics will “save” the comics industry, Comics Worth Reading has some counterpoints. And may I add that there’s nothing like holding a physical comic in your hands without needed anything plugged in or batteries charged.


  • I would never have thought that the original G.I. Joe cartoon had predicted the future of the military.
  • Animation studio Aniboom is running a contest with the History Channel where animators will be putting their craft to famous documents read by celebrities.
  • At the time I wrote this line, it appears that new episodes of Futurama, the sci-fi send up by the producers of The Simpsons may be without many of the original voice cast. Fan reaction? Not so happy.
  • However, as I write this line, I heard at a panel at ConnectiCon on Saturday that the original actors are back.


  • So why is Pixar such a darn good animated movie studio? That’s what Toon Zone is asking.
  • New York Post‘s Kyle Smith gives a rather scathing review of the Harry Potter series, and gets scathed by critics. He actually discusses the books and not the movies, but there wasn’t enough to give “books” their own section, and frankly I’ve partaken of neither. (h/t: Big Hollywood)

Elsewhere in the universe….

And I think that’s enough of that. By now your probably all getting bored with my linking to articles. So tomorrow I’ll link to comic listings. As I plan to usually use the last “free day” to post one of these, so I will continue to usually post a monthly pull list. Then we’ll get into my look at ConnectiCon 2009.

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