image source: TFU.Info

image source: TFU.Info

ShadowWing is rather pleased with himself. Last week’s entry was the winner. However, this was no doubt due to my logical hosting operation.

Which is why there wasn’t a winner the first week?

That would be due to your interference. So you may have ruined this week’s chances of victory. Although my ultimate scheme is moving slower due to the limited number of voters. This must change! Why are you here, anyway? I thought you were simply going to do research for these illustrated periodicals.

Because someone can’t read the words I put right in front of him. Spider-Man is the one bitten by a radioactive animal namesake! You threaten what little integrity my blog has, so I’m going to have to hang around and make sure your facts are right. And for someone who prides himself of data, you should be disapp…

Enough! If you are going to remain, fine. So what is happening in tonight’s entry?

Well, I found the only issue I have of Marvel’s top kicker (Iron Fist is more of a punch master, Marvelites) telling some guy what he can do with his “two bits”. Also, I have worked according to Spacebooger‘s adjusted rules. Three consecutive panels ending with THE ONLY furious flying foot!

Yes, he continues to act against me. But the time will come when Shockwave is the victor!

Why are you talking in third person?

It’s a comic character thing. You wouldn’t understand yet. Just post the logo and the “read more” tag.

Friday Night Fight: Feet of Fury logo

Round 3 of 12

The Battlefield: Master of Kung-Fu #123 (Marvel: April 1983)

The Promoters: Alan Zelenetz (writer), William Johnson (penciler), Mike Mignola (inker), Rick Parker (letterer), and George Roussos (colorist)

The set-up features a stereotypical American tourist taking Shang-Chi’s picture. However, he doesn’t want his picture taken, and the  result of Mr. Stereotype offering him “two bits”?


Sometimes, no means NO!

Ah, yes, I’ve learned that certain primitive (even by Earth standards) cultures worry that such devices can extract part of their soul. I can understand his weak, fleshling mind being disturbed. I have heard members of your species are willing to sell…

Umm, Shocky, I think it’s more because he just found out that his mother went bat-slag evil and sent an army of assassins after him because by killing his evil daddy she lost the chance to be immortal or some slag like that.

I see. That is less logical than my first thought.

On this, Shockwave, we agree. “False son”, my foot! More like false mom!

And for something else we may agree on, you readers must vote for your favorite foot assault in this week’s tournament. My our victories will be all the sweeter for it!


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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