BW fave Linkara joins fellow “That Guy With the Glasses” hostee The Spoony Experiment to take down a comic so awful that I actually threw my copies in the trash long ago. Featuring cameos by other “TGWTG” hosts, including the Nostalgia Critic himself. (Yes, that IS the Angry Video Game Nerd dancing with Spoony in the open.) And don’t forget to check out Linkara’s payback video game review, featuring a prequel to the story here with Dr. Insano, one of Spoony’s characters.

(warning: contains a lot of F- and S-Bomb dropping. Deservedly so in this case, however. Also, I tried putting this in through Blip directly, but the darn thing kept ending up so big that it was crossing into the sidebar, so I used Vodpod. I hope Spoony still gets the ad revenue that way.)

[update:6/1/2010> I don’t know what happened, but the Vodpod disappeared. However, maybe it’s the theme, but the link to the direct Blip isn’t oversizing the preview pic anymore, so I’ll use that. Hopefully, it’s the last update.]

(How I survived to issue 3 I’ll never know, but thank God I missed that Christmas raping they discuss. Trust me, though, the series only went downhill from there.)

You can see more of “the Spoony One” (who usually does nostalgic video game and movie reviews) at The Spoony Experiment or at That Guy With The Glasses. For more on Linkara’s status as BW fave, check out my Internet Spotlight on Atop the Fourth Wall.

By the way, Spoony’s theme song? Best nostalgia show theme song EVER!

Finally (this is rather long for a “filler” post, isn’t it?), click here for a commentary track by Linkara (who does a darn good Insano) for the Warrior review.

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