[UPDATE: 2/15/2017] As of this update there doesn’t appear to be a host fot this comic, or the alternate coloring listed. I’m afraid this only stands to show the comic existed at some point and hopefully will be uploaded again someday. Though unfinished it was a good comic. All currently dead links have been removed.]

Busy day, still sick, and trying to find a better site to display this week’s webcomic. There’s my reasons for being late, now let’s get on with this.

Tonight’s comic may not have the best host (between that ad sidebar and missing pages) but since Don Figueroa isn’t hosting his work anywhere, this mirror site is our best bet. Figueroa (not an easy name to spell by memory) is known for his work in Transformers comics for both the late Dreamwave comics and the current license holder, IDW Publishing. I’ve been a fan of his work from the beginning, and by “beginning” I mean tonight’s Showcase, Macromasters. Yes, before he was paid to draw Transformers, before he actually got to design a toy for Hasbro’s “Titanium Series” based on a Cybertronian form he created for one of the Dreamwave comics, he did it all for fun. Talk about getting paid to do what you love.

click to read tonight’s Showcase

This happens every time he skips lunch.

I should note that the first issue’s coloring job was not done by Figueroa, but by someone the mirror host knew. Personally, I prefer the coloring job done by another fan, HanSime, who has a fancomic of his own up on Comic Space (which I still can’t get an activation e-mail for as of this writing) that may end up here in the future.

Although known in the extended Transformer fan circles for his art, anyone who came across him as “D-Prime 2” also saw his writing skills. Some parts fly by fast, and original characters aren’t given their names in story too often. When he had a site for the comic, Figueroa did name the characters, as they were based on toys he created himself. Not merely kitbashes, although there were those as well, but some toys you see in the “Kitbash Gallery”  were actually scratch built, which shows just how much talent he has. I think this skill actually serves his art well, as he can create believable Transformers.

“You never call, you never right, you never stood still when I aimed at you…”

The plot is rather interesting, apparently set around the time of the Beast Wars series, but using G1 characters. This is where the “fanfic” aspect of the comic comes into play. Figueroa has his own ideas about what happens post Beast Wars (this comic made prior to the spin-off series, Beast Machines), and also “picks a side” into the debate as to whether or not Megatron and Galvatron (see the original Transformers: The Movie animation from the 1980s) are the same mech. I won’t bog non-fans down with that history. Suffice it to say it’s the only bug in the works. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good story, and if he had been able to continue it, I would have liked to have seen where he was going with it.

The bad news is it’s unlikely. But that’s because he’s working on the official comics. Macromasters helped launch Figueroa’s comic career, as Dreamwave was looking in fan circles for artists at the time. I’ll get into Dreamwave’s failure at some point, I’m sure. (No current plans.) Somehow, Don survived that and became a success in the career of his choice, so even if the story itself needs work (in interviews for Transformers newssites, he has stated as much were IDW or another company decide to actually have him complete or revisit the story) it’s not so much the comic as what it led to that I find inspiring.

I hope he does get to work on it again. With some work he’s got the makings of a great comic (and maybe Hasbro will put the toys he designed into works). We don’t know what the next post-movie Transformers toy and storyline is going to be, but they couldn’t go wrong with official Macromasters.

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