…can best be summed up by this article (h/t Four Color Media Monitor), or more accurately the following statement.

Death pushes on a character’s emotional boundaries, especially when someone close to a character dies. We’ve seen Kara go through the grieving process dealing with the death of her father, Zor-El, so I wanted to approach the Lana sequence a little differently.

And here’s where the “Silver Age Fanboy” tag some critical fans put on DC’s brain(less)trust falls apart yet again. What Sterling Gates is talking about in the interview with Comic Book Resources‘ Steve Sunu is the upcoming death of Lana Lang, one of the Superman supporting casts for years, even being one of the feature characters on Smallville until Kristen Kreuk left the series. You’ve probably seen the solicts already, so this is old news. But it looks like unless she gets ruined by drawn into the Black Lanterns, Lana is going away.

Why? Because to these writers, dealing with death = characterization. Because it’s an easy cop-out, really. Death is really just a plot device now, not some emotional event (possibly due to the writers not being able to use a character and not being able to simply “write them out” or the narrative not working any other way) or a moment of great importance. Just something to bring the readers in. And if that doesn’t work (or the writer/editor wants to play with a childhood favorite character–and “make them better” in Barry Allen’s case–more on that next week, I’m afraid), we can always bring them back in some convoluted way. Like Blackest Night.

(NOTE: Comics and soap operas seem to be vying for “worst resurrection award”, which is why I can’t figure out why my mom doesn’t understand my interest in comics when she can’t get enough of General Hospital, currently more like The Sopranos in what stories I end up catching bits and pieces of.)

And didn’t we already see Kara deal with the death of a loved one. Didn’t someone close to her die recently? Oh, yeah, they bumped off her father!* And she was forced to kill off a psycho Lucy Lane* (something Jimmy Olsen should have done back in the Silver Age–or at least dump her for a girl that liked him *while* they were dating) when she was flying around as “Superwoman” after being altered by her own father, General Lane (who I liked much better in the Animated Series). Really, is there a point to this story? OK, how about a GOOD point?

{*By the way, have either of them shown up as Black Lanterns, or going to? I’m betting yes.}

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