Now that the holidays are over (and I’ve had my hours cut at work, not a good thing), I might be able to getting this site back on track fully. At any rate, I didn’t have time to do a major scan for a topic for this week’s Showcase. Instead, I’m going to use other people to do it for me. TransMorphers was a direct-to-video attempt to play off the Transformers movie franchise, hoping to trick the less informed into buying a movie that was more like The Terminator franchise–except that according to these reviews not much happens.

Both videos come from contributors of That Guy With The Now these may be a bit more curse laden than you’re used to seeing here, but it’s not as gratuitous as some reviews.

The first comes from one of my new favorite TGWTG reviews, Bad Movie Beatdown. Matthew “Film Brain” Buck reviews the first movie, and my apologies to Spoony but I think there’s a new winner for best TGWTG theme song. To be honest, I’m posting this more for BMB than the review. Saturday Night Showcase is supposed to be reserved for me showing stuff I enjoy, and I happen to enjoy Bad Movie Beatdown. What he’s reviewing just happens to be a bad movie (hence the show title) ripping off something I enjoy. And since for some reason I’m getting another “super huge preview pic” screen, I’m forced to go through Vodpod and hope he still gets the ad money. Sorry, Matthew.

UPDATE: Now I can go through his YouTube channel!

I’m pretty sure Matthew is British. Because I watch a lot of Doctor Who, and I know what British people are like. Yes, I’m kidding. I think his accent actually helps his deliveries for me, which is weird. Not that it gets me hot or anything. I save that for hot Australian and Irish women. 😉 However, a good voice helps with narration or characters, and Film Brain’s really helps him out. Yeah, I’m not sure what I’m rambling about, either. I was just trying help my American views who would be wondering why he’s calling elevators “lifts” or something–I forget now. I’ll be better next week. Promise.

The other is part of a Vlog by the aforementioned Spoony One, (ignore the opening part about the site issues he was having at the time; the important part starts maybe 5 minutes in) and features a look at the prequel, Fall of Men, put out to bank on Revenge of the Fallen, which for reasons I can’t figure out was the #1 movie of the year according to Yahoo Movies. ROTF, not TM2. This one Blip.TV formatted right.

I really had no plans to see these, and I don’t now.

(There’s also a full review by Spoony and his brother of Revenge of the Fallen, if you liked his mention in the blog.)

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