Last time on Spacebooger‘s Friday Night Fights:

And now…part 2

Round 4 of 12

(see last week’s entry for Battlefield and Promoter credits)

After his defeat at the hands of Goliath, Iron “Rhodey” Man decides to do some research to uncover who just cleaned his clock.

"Josten has a profile on MySpace? I thought everyone switched to "Facebook".

Hawkeye and Wonder Man, two of his comrades in the newly formed “West Coast Avengers”, try to cheer Shellhead up. After all, it’s not like Power Man 1.0 was ever a big concern, right?

"Oh, go play with a sword or something."

Note that this is back in the day when the super heroes didn’t even share their secret identities with each other much less the world. (Don’t go into a Mike Grell/Civil War rant, don’t go into a Mike Grell/Civil War rant…) So they don’t realize that this isn’t Tony Stark (or that the original was Tony Stark, or that this isn’t the same guy). They do, however, realize that it’s going to take the three of them to take down the oversized Goliath, and with some tracking gear borrowed from the main branch, they locate him in a motel.

In Wonder Man's defence, they don't have a warrant.

Yes, Mr. Caption Box, this WAS a time when heroes didn’t abuse or exceed their authority, and didn’t get whole cities blown up to be all badass. (Not going into a Civil War rant. Not going into a Siege rant. Go to your happy place.) That doesn’t make this any less stupid on Simon’s part, though.

To wit...

And then Goliath makes his entrance.

{click for full size}

But Iron Man’s not going to be beat twice in his own comic, right?

You can't lose if you don't play.

Well, it is an Annual. At this point, Goliath takes on his toughest opponent yet!

Erik, uh, your not on TV right now.

The Hollywood sign! Oh, the blocked out panel? Not “Bad Boys” approved. While I wasn’t planning on doing a comic again for the next “Scanning My Collection”, I’m kind of driven to, as this is one of my favorite comics, as well as my first Iron Man comic. So you’ll have to wait until next week to see how this ends. While your waiting, though, why not vote for your favorite victorious villain?


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