Why yes, I do hate myself. Why do you ask?

Just a little bit of commentary about DC’s Blackest Night(mare). If you don’t recognize them, the Black Lantern is the original design of Johnny DC used to promote DC Comics to kids back in the old days, when they actually cared about giving kids their favorite heroes. The green guy is the current Johnny DC mascot for what few kids comics they have left.

Click the pic to see what inking tool games I did (which according to my stats, nobody does) and to why this isn’t the first time Johnny DC turned evil. Frankly, I’m surprised I thought of this one before Geoff Johns did. He must be slipping. Anyway, we can ponder that after checking out what’s interesting this week.



  • At the recent Producer’s Guild Awards (a.k.a. another awards show I could otherwise care less about), James Cameron lost…to his EX!
  • The rebooted Spider-Man movie has it’s director, Marc Webb, and it’s muse, Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • TV Shows On DVD announces that the 90’s Iron Man series is finally being released on DVD, in conjunction with the movie sequel hitting theaters. A word of warning when it comes to the first season episodes: watch the superior second season first or you’ll never get through this series if you’ve never watched it before. Also, do not attempt to watch the episode “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat” unless your slightly insane or sober. This episode is so out of touch with itself and how warping time works that The Doctor would have to regenerate after his head explodes. It is literally the worst Iron Man story ever written in any format, including anything with the word “Ultimate” in the title. And I know all about Black Lama’s backstory.
  • I don’t really watch award shows, but William Shatner hosting the Annie Awards (an animation-specific awards presentation) is interesting. Outside of the animated version of Star Trek I really don’t know any cartoons he voiced.
  • David Spade is working on a cartoon version of the movie Joe Dirt. Why?
  • ToonZone has a 12-page preview of the upcoming magazine “cereal:geek“, which focuses on ’80s cartoons. Upcoming to the US, anyway, since it’s a British publication.
  • What do you do when you make a great astronomical discovery? If you said “write a Doctor Who fanfic about it“, your my kind of people.

video games

  • There’s a game for the iPhone where you have a tank war in the streets of New Jersey. I hope this doesn’t lead to tank violence.
  • I only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. (Many of us non-sports fan do.) But should one ad in particular affect the box of NCAA Football 2011? Thankfully, most of the commenters said “no” and “why are you asking this?”.
  • God of War Slurpees. I don’t think that needs a comment.
  • Supposedly reviews of the video game Mag won’t come out until the game does because, according to Sony, you can’t review the experience until you can have games of 256 players (the maximum number of players, which is the selling point of the online shooter). I can find you 256 players just by walking into the G4 studio. Throw in all the gaming magazine sites, magazine, and TV/online shows and I don’t think that should really be an issue.

Best Scene of the Week

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #19

If only that were Wolverine...

For some reason, most of my “Best Scene” nominees this week had the hero getting beat up or blasted, even Bumblebee. I blame Spacebooger’s “Bad Boys” tournament.

And coming up in this week’s comic reviews:

That’s seven days of comic reviews. And they will be in the order I read them, which this week wasn’t alphabetical. This should be a full week.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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