Weather permitting, I should be at U-Con @ UConn right now, so obviously I can’t make a post. Also, I have to get ready, so that takes up time, having to track my path up there and make sure there’s content on the blog. Luckily, I have a “Saturday Night Showcase” entry that I don’t have to comment on, because it speaks for itself. But listen quick. The movie won’t be up for long, according to GamePolitics.

The movie is a documentary called Moral Kombat, based on the Mortal Kombat controversy (obvious by the misspell) and more current concerns about violence in video games. Mortal Kombat doesn’t seek to condemn or defend violence in games. Instead, it allows all parties to have their say, unbiased, and lets the viewer judge. If you have a gamer in you family, or if your a gamer yourself I highly recommend checking this movie out, if not here or at Babelgum (the host I found it at, thanks to GP) then at one of the other locations listed at the movie’s website. At the very least it will allow you to make better decisions about what games you get for other people.


(I’m putting it after “the jump” to see if anyone goes to watch the film. But if the movie isn’t up anymore, here’s the trailer.)

11/13/2021: I don’t even know what happened to the documentary and I can’t find it.

Notation: I myself am a casual gamer, and while I know video games get some unnecessary bad press, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some merit to their concerns. My solution, however, would be to point out what’s “wrong”, but also listen to gamers and see what it is about various games that they like. And then, make games with more positive themes and messages. Not a “clone/knock-off”, mind you, since you will also need to be innovative and good if you want people to play it.

Video games have so much potential for good entertainment, and even good stories, much the same as television, movies, novels, the dying art of the “audio/radio drama”, and the too often ignored formats for storytelling, music and comics. Don’t let a good style down.

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