I’m not going to get the article that came to me late last night done on time. However, while I was hunting through my Transformers comics to find the right panels, I came across this comic. It is quite possibly the worst drawn Wolverine ever on a comic cover!

This is the cover for the second issue of New Avengers/Transformers. That’s Prowl up there and the human there is supposed to be Wolverine. However, he looks more like this guy.

Cannonbolt from Ben 10, via Cartoon Pictures.

My hatred of Wolverine has been brought up quite often (maybe I should go into specifics someday?) both here and other blogs I’ve commented at. I will, however, go on the record as saying that you would think Marvel (who were the primary publishers of this story) would treat the character better. The artist is credited as Jason Pearson, and you might not want him drawing Wolverine again. Ever. I’ve seen better Liefeld art. (Not much better, but busting on Liefeld is a comic blogging tradition, so who am I to argue? 😀 )

And in case you’re wondering, this comic came out around the time of first Michael Bay movie. The odd thing is that when Marvel owned the license they actually retconed the Transformers out of the Marvel Universe, but this co-production with IDW Publishing (who had just recently gotten the license from the folded Dreamwave Productions) takes place in some version of the Marvel Universe taking place just before the whole Civil War nonsense. The Transformer side of the story takes place just after maybe the third arc? It’s been a while since I’ve read through the IDW universe, but this was the first time Ramjet showed up in the IDW TFU, and in the IDW stories he had up and disappeared after where this story would best fit until his Spotlight comic. However, I don’t think anybody acknowledged this story took place in either universe (unlike the excellent Top Cow version of Battle of the Planets/Thundercats, the second best crossover in my collection. (For the record, the best one.)

The story isn’t too bad for an unnecessary team-up (Marvel saw a way to get in on the movie promotion for a license they game up on some years ago). But the covers weren’t that good. Issue 1 was ok, and issue 4 was bland, but #3’s Iron Man didn’t fare too well, either. #2 is the worst of the lot. The interior art was decent but nothing spectacular. Might be worth a look at least.

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