Starcom: The U.S. Space Force

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So what do I do when I want the convenience of a “Filler Video” but don’t feel like half-assing it? Inspired by a number of posts and videos I’ve seen lately on favorite openings (usually for anime, and I’m sure I’ll do those in the future), I thought I’d do a series of postings of my favorite TV show openings. I don’t plan to stick with animation, since there are plenty of good live-action openings as well. Heck, there was this nighttime spinoff of one of my Mom’s soaps that had a great opening. So you know that some of the shows on this list won’t be ones I actually watch.

A good opening sets up the theme for the show, introduces you to the cast (and in the case of the live-action shows, the actors), and just looks darn cool with a great song. And to be on this list you need both visual and audio stimulation. Like tonight’s entry.

Starcom: The US Space Force was a cartoon based on a toyline. But this isn’t about the show (which was really cool). It’s about the opening.

This is about as epic as a cartoon gets. The music sets the pace, switching in tone when it shifts from Starcom to the Shadow Force (the enemies in the series) and back to the battle as Starcom forces kick the Shadow Force’s tailpipes all over the galaxy.

Then there are the little touches, like Dash pulling away Slim to put down the clipboard and get in the Starmax (one of the most unrepresented vehicles in online lists of cool-looking sci-fi vehicles), or Dash’s cat jumping in just as the Starmax is ready to take off (someone out there went “aaawwwww, how cute”, I know you did). And what about the huge cannon blast that seems to miss all our triumphant heroes? Heck, I was hooked right when the commander ordered the ships to launch as the alarms were going off as a kid when I first saw this. My inner child appreciates that part more than grown-up me does, but it’s still a nice way to begin.

Is it the awesomest opening in the history of ever? No, it’s not even the awesomest I plan to post, but it’s a good start. Not as may people see it (or remember the opening) as some other shows. But I like it.

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