Filmation Studios had some of the best writers in kids TV, great backgrounds and character models, and some rather interesting visual effects (mostly for portals and laser blasts). On the other hand, they kept their budget with some sub-par animation, which is how the critics like to nail them.

They also had some real good background music. Most of their intros, however, had their great themes up against exposition that gives Conan the Adventurer a run for it’s money as far as exposition goes. He-Man & The Masters of the Universe was #1 on MarzGurl’s 10 10 list of intros that explain the series plot. And they were still more interesting that Conan’s.

While Bravestarr‘s intro is also mostly explanation, it works because (A) it was sung rather than spoken by one of the characters, (B) would have taken too long to explain in-story every episode, and (C) was just butt-kicking awesome!

Kind of makes you want to watch, doesn’t it? Sadly, they still don’t have the episode that got pulled off of YouTube, so it’s annoying that the best episode isn’t available. On the other hand I recommend watching whatever episodes you can.

The intro itself has a great tune that fits the world of the cartoon, has the epicness that sells the character without being the blunt object of Conan the Adventurer, and is merges with some really nice visuals, like the scene where Tex Hex’s face is superimposed over the scenes of kid-friendly carnage just before Bravestarr jumps on top of the bad guys. It’s just as fantastic as the show. That’s an intro done right.

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  1. Funny, I always thought the opening song was a little cheesy. I’d love to hear it redone in the style of Ennio Morricone (the guy who scored all the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns) with Johnny Cash-style vocals. I love the animation though — it’s one of the best animated openings of all the Filmation toons.

    But I’ve always been a fan of Westerns (movies and books), so an animated Western is like win-win for me. And of all the characters Pat Fraley has voiced, Marshall BraveStarr is my favorite.

    Getting back to the intro, I’ve never researched this but the spoken vocals for theme song sound like Lou Scheimer’s.

    I just picked up the BCI/Eclipse Vol 1 DVD set of the series on a BOGO sale at MovieStop. Looking forward to seeing it again after nearly 25 years.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      And here I thought you weren’t a Filmation guy, Craig? 🙂 Now I just need to get you watching Flash Gordon. Season one was awesome. Season two dropped the movie serial format and brought in the obligatory kiddie character, but was still pretty good.


      • No, I loved Fat Albert. And Star Trek TAS was interesting (although it’s hard to get over the limited animation for that one). And I liked Tarzan and Lone Ranger too, as well as a couple of the studios’ DC superhero toons.

        Far too many of the others either just didn’t appeal to me or simply weren’t memorable or interesting enough for me to watch them.

        …or they’re memorable for the wrong reasons…if you know what I mean.

        I think I only watched He-Man and She-Ra out of boredom, but I just didn’t get into the show like my friends at school did. I didn’t care for the toys at all — I was far too consumed with Transformers at that time.

        You also have to consider that I wasn’t born until 1971 and don’t have any recollection of watching cartoons until around the 1st-2nd grade. So I kinda missed the heyday of Filmation productions.


      • ShadowWing Tronix says:

        I was born in ’73, so it was totally in our time, as were Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears.


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