BraveStarr: The Movie

BraveStarr: The Movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They needed a thousand lawmen.

They got one.

He was enough.

A backdoor pilot is when you use a current show to promote another show. Some are more obvious than others, since they use the current character as background characters who pretty much do nothing while the pilot characters take center stage. That’s kind of the case for a two part episode of Bravestarr, the western in space series by Filmation. Readers from the early days or who run around the archives will remember the last time I looked at this show it was an episode involving murderBravestarr had guts for a kids show folks.

For those new to the party the show is set on the planet of New Texas, where the new gold rush is Kerium, an ore that’s important to space travel. The planet is threatened by Stampede, a Horde Prime wanna-be, who sent his lieutenant, Tex Hex, to cause all kinds of problems. Protecting the Old West-like town of Fort Kerium is Marshal Bravestarr–with the powers of hawk, wolf, puma, and bear–his sentient steed Thirty-Thirty, and Deputy Fuzz, one of the planet’s native species. However, this episode, the only two-parter for the series, takes place on Earth as a rift in time and space drops famed detective Sherlock Holmes into the future. And gives him superpowers because why not?

Since the official page doesn’t include the intro I’m including it because as I’ve noted before it’s just that good.

If this seems familiar at all it’s because years later someone else had the same idea, except they had Holmes awakening in the 22nd century. We’ll talk about that one someday. Whether this version failed to make a hit or Filmation’s shutting down killed it I can’t say. I have to admit it’s an interesting concept at least. I’m not sure he needed superpowers but Filmation was just that used to superheroes at that point I guess.

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  1. Sean says:

    The “Moriarity Song” is rather catchy! lol. This was an awesome idea to have Sherlock Holmes arrive in the future. Plus, it was excellent to have Sherlock Holmes and Bravestarr teaming up to work on cases. A Sherlock Holmes In the Future cartoon by Filmation would have been a wonderful series to watch. Sadly, such a Filmation creation never happened. Watching this also makes me wonder what a Bravestarr comic book in the 1980s would have been like. Maybe a modern comic company could bring Bravestarr to a current comic book format? Final note: that bulldog character was pretty cool. Lots of good vibes around this two parter.


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