Sonic and Tails display their new action figures.

Sonic Universe #15

Archie Comics (June 2010)

WRITER: Ian Flynn

PENCILER: Tracy Yardley

INKER: Jim Amash

COLORIST: Jason Jensen

LETTERER: Teresa Davidson

COVER ART: Tracey Yardley & Ben Hunzeker


EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Victor Gorelick

The Destructix confronts our quartet of heroes, offering to help them meet with the third clan, the Raiju. Finoa Fox is now in charge of the Destructix, and wants Lightning Lynx to rejoin them. The groups make their way into the fortress (formerly home to the Iron King and Queen) and Monkey Khan challenges the Bride of the Conquering Storm to a duel of honor, which pits Lynx against Sonic. Sonic wins, and the Bride exiles Lynx again (just as Fiona had planned). However, she agrees to cut ties with the Iron Queen, leaving only the last Clan to talk to, and only Espio (who betrayed the Chaotix) can help our heroes find them.

What they got right: Once again a different tactic is needed, and Flynn does another good job with the characters. You feel sorry for Lynx while realizing how dishonorable everyone else (besides our heroes) really are, or at least that’s what I got out of it. (Hopefully, Lynx will learn that both his clan and the Destructix aren’t worth hanging out with, but that’s a personal perspective.) Fiona plays everybody to get what she wants, the Queen is someone I would tell off for being the real one lacking in honor, and the rest are just a bunch of self-interested jerks, really. The best part was watching Sally get some payback on Fiona.

What they got wrong: Considering how badly both Sonic and Lynx wanted the victory, I wish more time had been given to their fight. The art was good, but nothing really spectacular stood out. This was all story for me.

Recommendation: I almost wish this arc would go a little longer. Sonic and Tails chasing Ixis Naugus around Mobius all those years ago is still my favorite of the Sonic arcs, and this reminds me why.

As far as Best Scene Nominee, I post this scene…

Future Friday Night Fight entry?

…because it connects to this one.

I don't know about "hot" but I totally cheered it. 🙂

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