Boom Kids already told us about one Disney superhero they’re bringing back to comics.

Apparently they’re bringing another of my favs back.

{fan art: click to visit the artist's page}

At C2E2, Boom Studios made the announcement. From the article:

Richie said he was enthusiastic about the “thunderous Internet reaction” over Darkwing Duck, and said that the company’s “Disney afternoon publishing initiative” was in full swing, with Ducktales taking over the Uncle Scrooge title, complete with a teaser image asking Who is the New Gizmoduck? “If you needed to get your Launchpad on, this is the place to go.”

Considering how few of today’s kids have seen the show, I don’t know why they’re bothering with the change. Sure I’m sure kids will love Darkwing Duck, but if they’re already reading Uncle Scrooge, why not just bring over the characters (wait, is this going to include cave duck Bubba? please say no–and this from the guy who likes Daniel Witwicky in Transformers and Scott & T-Bob in MASK) and call it good?

And what is with this “Who is the new Gizmoduck?” stuff? What was wrong with Fenton Crackshell, the (apparently original) Gizmoduck? I liked Fenton. (His mom, not so much.) Ah well, I’ll probably read it anyway.

Note to Boom: If you decide to make a Gizmoduck ongoing, I’m free to write it. 🙂


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