Everybody sing along

They're gonna put me in the movies. They're gonna make a big star out of me.

Iron Man: Legacy #1

Marvel Comics (June 2010)

WRITER: Fred Van Lente

PENCILER: Steve Kurth

INKERS: Allen Marinez with Victor Olazaba

COLORIST: John Rauch

LETTERER: Dave Nphear (?–part of the name is blackened or they misplaced the name. Odd that it’s the letterer’s name that’s screwed up.)

PRODUCTION: DAmien Lucchese

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Alejandro Arbona

EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

ALTERNATE COVER (not shown): Ryan Meinerding

After foiling an attack on Stark Enterprises as Iron Man, Tony Stark holds a press conference where he learns that guys wearing knock-off Iron Man armor are committing atrocities in Transia. After some reflection and a talk with a janitor, Tony decides to go there despite international issues and kick some fake Iron butt…which is what Doctor Doom is planning on.

What they got right: There are two reasons I picked up this comic. One is that it’s supposed to be set in the old days, when Tony’s identity was concealed and he still ran Stark Enterprises. The other is that it would be written by Fred Van Lente, whose run in Marvel Adventures: Iron Man was cut short way too soon. While this comic is more serious and darker than the MA title, it is still fun to read and the Iron Man I want to read. I haven’t heard of the art team involved (remember, “art team” includes penciler, inkers, and colorist), but they picked the right ones for the job. And I hope we get to see more of the superbig exo-suit he has in this story.

What they got wrong: Arc reactor? Evil Iron Men knock0ffs? Haven’t we seen this before?  It’s interesting to see the arc reactor brought into the comics, but if this takes place in the past of the main Marvel Universe, it feels out of place.

Recommendation: If your like me and an Iron Fan who has been forsaking the main title because of the baggage, it’s time to read about your favorite armored hero again. Here’s your fix.

"Don't move. You've got something on your face."

I just found out on Sunday that I forgot to post that!

Tomorrow’s Comic: Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 (forgot to post this part, too)

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