Buck Rogers #11

Dynamite Entertainment (2010)

WRITER: Scott Beatty

ARTIST: Carlos Rafael

COLORIST: Carlos Lopez


LETTERER: Simon Bowland

Another look into the past as we see what Deering’s daughter is up to takes us back to the future as Buck and Wilma are on the run from the meteor attack. The Org ships arrive to defend Han, but the city’s leader is killed. Heading back to command, Buck and Wilma find out that the source is a separatist colony on the moon and to get there they will have to team up with Ardala and Kane to get there. But when they arrive to sneak in, Buck and Ardala are met by a robot–who’s happy to see them!

What they got right: While I’m still disappointed that they switched enemies so abruptly, at least we get to see some of the clean-up operation. Beatty continues to make the characters relatable and believable, and the artwork continues to be amazing.

What they got wrong: What was the point of the 21st Century scene? It doesn’t seem to have any connection to the story at all. Obviously, we know the Deering bloodline continues. And why is the next issue the final issue? This is one of the best reads I pick up every month and the first decent “re-imagining” I’ve seen in a very long time.

Recommendation: Buy the daylights out of this comic, and convince Dynamite to keep it going.

Not the best way to get a haircut.

Yes, I know I just gave the Best Scene nomination to the part I just complained about. Just because it was unnecessary doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Just unnecessary.

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