After a week off, which we’ll do again next week, the Friday Night Fights are back. Spacebooger still insists no character be used again. Well, I haven’t used this guy yet.

Round 5 of 12

The Battlefield: Gigantor #3 (Antarctic Press, April, 2000)

The Promoters: Ben Dunn (story/art), Nathan Lumm  (colorist), and Doug Dlin and Fred Ladd (editors–yeah, I usually don’t list the editors in the FNF entries, but I happen to know Doug via the internet and it was a short list of staff anyway)

So in this battle that involves Fantastic Four and Avengers knockoffs (the British agents, not the Marvel Avengers) using giant robots, the original Space Age Robot is still the best. One fires his fists at our hero Mazinger/Tranzor Z style…

Even Tom "T-Squared" Taylor bows to the master.

Never question Jimmy’s mad gaming skills.

By the way, there are two enemy robots on the battlefield.

Gigantor's chiropractor license was later revoked.

That reminds me, I could use a good back massage.

Or was. Now there’s just the one robot left.

ewwww...his eye popped out

obligitory Chris Sims Special (TM)

Well so much for that.

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Remember, next week is another week off. I have a special FRIDAY Night Showcase planned. Not that my plans ever want to work.


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