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Jerzy Drozd, of the BW Fave Art & Story podcast, has asked us Art & Storriors to promote Kids Read Comics, a themed comic convention that he is co-promoter of. They even have a raffle for a free subscription to Art & Story Supreme for helping get the word out. That’s how badly they want this convention to be a big hit.

As much as I could use the subscription, I really just need the call (and a week with nothing else to write–sorry, Jerzy), since while I don’t have a problem with older-targeted comics, I DO have a problem with so few comics available and friendly to the next generation of comic fans. I’ve demonstrated that as early as last week. Besides, any convention who takes time in their promotion site to push my current favorite comic needs some love.

Kids Read Comics is a convention with the goal of getting independent publishers who make kid-friendly comics a moment in the spotlight in the hopes of getting them into the hands of kids. The convention is free to everybody, and has the usual cosplays and panels, but it’s all about making and distributing comics to an under-appreciated market.

Kids Read Comics was founded by youth and teen librarian Edith Burney of Chelsea, cartoonist and educator Jerzy Drozd of Ann Arbor, comic shop owner Dan Merritt of Dearborn, and comic book writer Dan Mishkin of East Lansing. You can reach us at

Not living anywhere near Dearborn, Michigan, I probably won’t be attending. (Maybe next year, if I finally have a comic to promote and the funds/time to go.) If you do go, there are more things to do besides buy comic and sit on panels discussing comic creation. There are a host of fun events for the kiddies, which you don’t get to see at most comic convention. (Although I think if there is an Avatar: The Last Airbender puppet show at ConnectiCon, I’ll definitely be seeing it. 🙂 ). And just check out the guest list:

I’m guessing if you like comics, whether online or off, or read my reviews, you’ve at least heard of some of these people. Registration is still open as of this writing, so there may be more stuff to do and people to see by then. So if you’re anywhere near the Dearborn Public Library the second weekend in June, and if you have a kid who loves comics (or if you yourself are comfortable enough in your “adulthood” to give these comics a try), here’s your plan for the weekend. It’s free to attend, so why not?


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