Since there’s no fight this week, I thought I’d devote the next two days to Kickassia, this year’s megastory over at That Guy With The I’m not posting the event itself, which you should check out for yourselves (along with all the interesting stuff created by the fans in the blog and forum sections), because I’d like to draw some traffic there way. (Like they need me for that. 😛 ) If we’re both around next year, I may post them in preparation for the THIRD anniversary event.

However, what I like about these anniversaries (although this is only the second one) are the crossover reviews, where the Channel Awesome people get together with guys they usually don’t team up with and review something in their mutual interest. Tonight and tomorrow night I have chosen my six favorites. Although there were some other interesting team-ups, like JewWario and Lord Kat in “You Can Play This Until We Win”, these are the ones that I most found interesting, either due to the subject material or because the team-up just bloody worked, some so well you’d like to see them again next year.

I’ll post three of them tonight and the other three tomorrow, and I actually ranked them, which is odd for me so consider that a bonus treat.

#6: 8-Bit Mickey & Lord Kat:

Robot Unicorn Attack

The co-host of the Game Heroes and the “Until We Win” guy face off at what even I will refer to as the gayest game ever (because that’s what they were going for, that or most girly action game ever), Robot Unicorn Attack!

You can check out my own review of that game, including the video for the song that plays during the game. Prepare for the drop in testosterone. You’ll have to look for “Spooning With Spoony” at the Spoony Experiment or TGWTG to get the joke at the end.

#5:Spoony & Lord Kat

PumpkinHead’s Revenge

After that disturbing final image, here are the Spoony Experiment and Until We Win guys teaming up on a game based on the classic horror franchise. And by based I mean “I’ll take their word for it because I really don’t care about those kinds of movies”.

I think this is the only one with a cameo by the Nostalgia Critic. The “gatecleaner” is a character that popped up during Spoony’s review of the VCR-powered board game Nightmare.

4. Bennett the Sage & Linkara

Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Yes, I already posted this as a filler video, but (a) I hadn’t planned to do this bit at the time and (b) if I can keep one person from buying the bootleg at a convention or something, I’ve done my part for the human race. And here are some of the Sage’s other videos. Linkara’s site is in the RSS feeds and I’ve linked to that site more than enough times for you to find it anyway.

Tommorow: the top 3 crossovers, featuring a double shot of Film Brain, dancing, and Doctor Who references.

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