Last night I posted the bottom three of my favorite crossovers in this years That Guy With The anniversary event. Tonight I bring you the top 3, which brings us a grand total of six.

Tonight’s entry ends up being mostly about one person: Film Brain. (Seriously, somebody get this kid a website of his own.) He writes article reviews over at TGWTG, and is the host of Bad Movie Beatdown, owner of the best theme song on the site. So congrats, Matthew Buck-who-sounds-like-he’s-saying-Burke-when-saying-his-last-name-at-least-to-my-ears for your domination.

He also had one of the more fun characters in the Kickassia movie, as the Nostalgia Critic’s toady, at least until…nope, not spoiling the ending. Go see it for yourself.

3. Film Brain and the Cinema Snob

(aka Bad Movie Cinema Snob)


That’s one of the things I like about the Film Brain entries. They’re titled like their own show. The JewWario/LordKat team-up did the same thing, but most of the other crossovers were just titled with the thing being reviewed. Here, we have Matthew teaming up with Brad “The Cinema Snob” Jones to review a Christopher Walken movie. I should note that Jones will drop the F bomb like he’s on Def Comedy Jam, although if he were on there, he’d certainly class up the joint.

If you don’t recognize the theme song from The Greatest American Hero, then you need to expose yourself to this show immediately. Jones usually reviews bad, over the top violent movies, so I seldom catch either of his shows. (In addition to the Cinema Snob, he also portrays questionable martial artist Kung Tai Ted and does a tribute show to filmmaker Bruno Matei, as well as a few others.

On the other hand, he loves 80’s TV shows, and once did a tribute to his favorite show, Manimal. I wish he’d do a show on THAT topic (80’s shows, I mean), as this is the only thing I would end up talking with him about if we ever hung out. I would totally watch that, and probably post it here the way I do with Linkara’s Power Rangers history.

2. Paw’s Anniversary Dance Off Video

Hot on the heals of last year’s video, Paw brings more excellent music while the Channel Awesome crew brings the cool moves.

So who won? Besides the obvious answer (the fans), I have to give Bargo the win, although Brad gave him a surprising challenge this year. Benzai being a challenge comes as no surprise. If I could dance as well as those three, women may be coming on the dance floor while still sober. (I wonder if that’s why I don’t go out as often anymore?) You can check more of Paw’s contributions here, because I don’t think he has a site, either.

1. Film Brain and Linkara

(aka Bad Move Beatdown Atop the Fourth Wall)

Frank Miller’s The Spirit

Doesn’t that title go together rather well? And so do the movie and comic reviewers as they tackle Miller’s poor mockery of Will Eisner’s classic comic hero. But the bonus points come from the Doctor Who references.

If Linkara and Film Brain (who should get together more often, except they don’t live in the same country) collaborated on a Doctor Who tribute series, I would totally support it. Not only are they two of my favorite reviewers at the site, but it was the smoothest team-up of all the events. It’s like they were meant to join forces to give this movie the browbeating it deserves!

I would also like to give honorable mention to Angry Joe‘s Hotel Awesome specials, where Joe interacts with various contributors as well as continuing a prank war with Doctor Insano from last year. So congratulations to the Nostalgia Critic and friends for two years of comedy, and here’s to two more.

Yeah, that line really doesn’t work so early, does it?

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