Things have been going well for Dheeraj since last week’s edition. He has the girl of his dreams, confidence in himself, and a turtle for a ninja master. However, we learn something interesting about the gang from last issue, who call themselves “the Thoogs”, a word which seems to mean nothing. They are, however, actually a cult who is planning to summon the Hindu goddess Kali in the hopes of being granted…darned if I know.

Anyway, they decided at the end of last issue that Raj is perfect for their group because he’s such a good fighter. So to recruit him, they plan to kidnap and murder his girlfriend right in front of him. I think Spacebooger could come up with at least 10 different ways to tell them why that’s stupid, but he would also remind me that Raj had his time and we can’t repeat heroes. That’s OK, but this time it’s all about Turtle Power!

Round 8 of 12

The Battlefield: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7 (Dreamwave, December 2003), “Kali Flower” (great stories, stupid names)

The Promoters: Peter David (writer), LeSean (penciler), Erik Sander (inker), Stuart Ng, Jong-Im Lee, & Sigmund Torre (colorists), Matt Moylan (letterer), and Henny Li (flats)

After Splinter’s warning last issue that they might come back, Leonardo decides to spy on the group, with the other Turtles tagging along. Sure enough, they find the villains up to no good, but how to rescue the kids safely? Since they’re in an abandoned movie theater that used to be an old playhouse, the answer is a simple one.

"Hey, I took a bath this month!"

Kali's not too picky when it comes to peanut butter.

Michelangelo ad-libbing aside…

" use your mortal terminology".

And since these are highly trained ninjas going up against Bollywood rejects…

"I just bought this shirt!" goes as expected. Well, with fewer dead cultist gangbangers.

"And I'm changing my hairdresser!"

Dherraj gets in one last shot for threatening his girlfriend and not offering a proper 401-K, but this is the Turtles fight. Hardly the best ever, but I should have thought of that before making this a two parter edition. Next time, hopefully something better.

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