What better way to top off a week devoted to a top video game expo than breaking out a video game show turned comic for this week’s fight?

Nice little kids show, right? The comic version was a bit different. Mega Man and Simon Belmont were replaced by Samus from Metroid while Kid Icarus’ foe, Uranos the Sky God took over for Dr. Wily. Kevin and Lana were closer as a couple. And then there was that day.

That horrible day. The one Mother Brain still has nightmares about. The night she was almost deleted for good. It was the night she went too far. The night she finally drove Kevin over the edge. (Or as much as a kids comic based on a kids show based on kid-friendly games will allow him to.) The time that brings fear into even Spacebooger‘s heart. It was the night Captain N became…..


Well, I think we just learned more than we ever wanted to.

Round 9 of 12

The Battlefield: Captain N: The Game Master #2 (Valiant Comics, 1990) “The Happy Zone”

The Promoters: George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Ken Lopez, John Ceballero, and the Gradations (as I mentioned before, Valiant never really told you who did what in their “Nintendo Comics System” comics)

Mother Brain has kidnapped Princess Lana (it’s what video game princesses do), and been placed into “the Happy Zone”.

Look it up!

Mother Brain was later sued by Henny Youngman.

Mother Brain allows Kevin one hour to make this one-way trip and be with her forever. Otherwise, she’ll spend the rest of her days alone (except for any other prisoners). How can he not go to be with his virtual love (which in this case isn’t as creepy as it sounds)?

Lana's family seems to have a history of being stuffed into an alternate zone, don't they?

Because if he does, then only Samus and Kid Icarus will remain to fight Mother Brain. (For some reason, they haven’t recruited any more game heroes here than in the cartoon. Actually, they’re one short.) So now there is only one thing left for the Game Master.




Well, that was actually rather easy to escape, wasn't it?

Yes, because they didn’t have full-length stories in these comics, and we needed both Lana and Mother Brain around for the rest of the stories, Lana is set free. However, even a happy reunion can’t snap Kevin out of badass action hero mode.

Heroes don't say lines like that anymore.

However, Mother Brain takes the opportunity to escape into her warp zone (which isn’t easy when your just a big brain in a jar). So while Kevin doesn’t get to cause some brain damage, he at least gets the girl.

And isn’t that what any princess rescuing hero really wants at the end of the day?

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