Usually, I’m not a fan of hero vs. hero fights, which may be one of the reasons I never fully got into Marvel. I want to see heroes team-up against the villains. When it comes to “Strike Force America”, however, they pretty much deserve to get beat up. And Vortex of the Elementals is willing to give them one.

Round 10 of 12

The Battlefield: Strike Force Legacy (Arpad Publishing, October 1993)

The Promoters: Bill Willingham and Jack Herman (writers), Mike Leeke (penciler), Mike Chen & Dan Shaefer (inkers), Julia Lacquement (colorist) and Kurt Hathaway & Pat Williams (letterer)

Jeff “Vortex” Murphy is sent to to brief this new team, but when Commander Chaos hears Ratman talking about the team, he decides his leader has turned traitor, and takes over the team. (Mostly because he’s a jackass.) We join Vortex just after his first beatdown. Ghost Girl the Haunting tries to tell Vortex that he should have come to the island and he shouldn’t have attacked them because they’re all good guys. (Because she’s a moron, apparently.) Vortex’s response?

So how many years did you live in the Marvel Universe?

At this point Vortex himself provides the commentary.

Jumpstart got his battle training from Looney Tunes.

"I've got him. I've got him. I...don't got him."

"No one kills him but me." Yeah, you're really a superHERO there, Chaos!

This is what we call snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Deciding he’s beaten them up enough (did we watch the same fights?), Vortex decides to quit. Just then…

Yes, Commander Chaos. Tell them how you took control of the team because your commanding officer was telling your comrade which you may have to team up with someday all about you and was supposed to brief you on operations, called the whole team to beat up one of the more popular superheroes in your universe–twice!–and then yelled that only you had the right to kill him like some kind of super villain. See if you don’t end up in the stockade or at least demoted to Buck Private Chaos! Nimrod!

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