"What is this about you pursuing my wife?"

The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #4

Moonstone (2010)

“The Hammer” part 4
WRITER: Mike Bullock
ARTIST: Fernando Peniche
LETTERER: Josh Aitken
Captain Action (no title)
WRITER: Jai Nitz
ARTIST: Douglas Draper, JR.
LETTERER: Bernie Lee
COVER ART: Dennis Calero
EDITOR: Joe Gentile

In the Phantom story, Kit infiltrates further into the Russian base, but when he goes to get the controls for the already active bomb, he meets a brick wall of a man. In Captain Action, Action is sent to El Salvador on a mission to retrieve a woman who has evidence of corruption in US and Russian operatives. It turns out to be a trick as she really wanted to start an international incident and a unique form of revenge for the previous Action’s…inaction.

What they got right: While I didn’t like the Action story ending from a personal POV, from a storytelling perspective it was well executed, so I have to give them credit for that. The Phantom story continues to intrigue me.

What they got wrong: Um, Mr. Aitken?

You missed a spot. The editor should have caught that, too. As for the Action story, I don’t think EM Pulses work the way the writer thinks it does.

Recommendation: As a “floppie” fan I don’t usually push the trade, but I think the Phantom story would be better served all at once, with the other stories coming after. They aren’t part of the main story. Otherwise, I really like this mini-series, and I think you should get it, regardless of the format you choose.

"Suzy, your date's here."

Tomorrow’s Comic> Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Vol. 2 #3

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