Racing to Fourth of July fireworks.

The Incredibles #10

BOOM Kids! (May 2010)

WRITER: Landry Walker
ARTIST: Marcio Takara
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
(cover “A” shown)
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

Mrs. Incredible and Mirage take down Bomb Voyage’s robots and Mrs. I goes after Voyage, and receives a message from Xerek. Meanwhile, it turns out I got something wrong last issue. The big deal wasn’t Xander going all weird but wearing a version of his mom’s costume. Together he and Violet battle some other robots, but may be in over their head, while the other Incredibles close in on the thief who stole equipment from Sunbright (in other words, Violet).

What they got right: You know, it’s the same thing we me and these reviews every week. I can’t find new ways to say how good the story, characters, and artwork are.

What they got wrong: Since I need something, insert rant about covers not giving a clue about what’s going on in the comic.

Recommendation: What have I been telling you since they’ve come out? More of the same, buy, buy buy.

(Of course, being rushed for this weekend’s ConnectiCon festivities doesn’t help me any.)

I'm assuming I don't have to explain this nomination. {click for full-size}

Tomorrow’s Comic> Iron Man: Legacy #3

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