He keeps his ancestors mint in box.

The Phantoms: Generations #12

Moonstone Entertainment (2010)

WRITER: Greg Cox
ARTIST: Ronn Sutton
COLORIST: Renato Guerra
COVER ART: Doug Glauba & Ruben Procopio
EDITORS: Mike Bullock & Ed Rhoades
LOGO DESIGN: Anthony Schiavino
PREPRESS & LAYOUT: Erik Enervold & Simian Brothers Creative

Paris: 1973. Phantom #12 isn’t in France to cheer on the bloody revolution against the aristocrats, whether they were part of the oppression of the lower classes or not, nor is he there to stop it. He is, however, there to rescue one of the people set to be introduced to the guillotine. She is the last survivor of a family to bear the “good mark”, the symbol of the Phantom’s protection, given to her ancestor by his. Aiding him is the famed Scarlet Pimpernel, who has an interesting method to extricate our heroes.

What they got right: A really good story would be enough, but the writer actually bypasses some of my recent complaints. We get a date for the story and we’re told which Phantom the story is about. The art is also well done, and I like that they have a story about someone under the protection of the infamous “good mark”, given to friends of the Ghost Who Walks.

What they got wrong: They would have had a hat trick if the story had also been told from the perspective of being written in the Phantom chronicles, something I miss from the early stories in this series.

Recommendation: One of the better stories in this series. I recommend picking it up.

The only inherent fault in this series is that as mostly prose, the best scene is in the text.

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