Heloise? Did you play with daddy's mask again?

The Phantom: Unmasked #1

Moonstone Entertainment (2010)

WRITER: Martin Powell
ARTIST: Hannibal King
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
EDITOR: Joe Gentile
COVER “A” (shown): Franchesco
COVER “B”: Jahbulani Ori

Years ago, the Phantom saved a little girl from a fire. She has now grown up, and is hired to find out the Phantom’s secret of immortality. But does her client have a more murderous agenda in mind?

What they got right: Seldom do we get to see the Phantom through the eyes of those he has saved. That alone makes this a read, but the story itself is also very good. There’s also a reference to one of the prose novels, which I’ve been wanting to read. The art is some of the best of the Moonstone Phantom line.

What they got wrong: I’m happy to say nothing.

Recommendation: This may turn out to be one of the best stories Moonstone has put out. I’ll know for sure after issue #2, but for now you should check this book out.

Because sometimes you need to see the Ghost Who Walks battle an aligator. (Or is that a crocodile? I get them confused.)

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