In honor of going to ConnectiCon, I’m posting an anime, and one of the best anime series out there.Magic Knights Rayearth is a series I got into when it was still only available as a fansub, so I’m glad it was finally given a proper release some years ago. Now the first season is up on Hulu. Let’s meet the young girls who will become the heroes of another world.

When I tell you that it’s about three teen girls battling evil, your probably thinking this is either a fan service show or a girly show. Neither is the case. I’ll remind you that She-Ra: Princess of Power was a straight action show that catered equally to both sexes. And outside of that one naughty-bits-free transformation, there’s nothing that resembles nudity or cleavage/panty shots.

Created by the Japanese manga studio CLAMP, Magic Knight Rayearth tells the story of three schoolgirls chosen by a princess to save the world of Cephiro. While that sounds rather typical, you’ll remember from my posting of Professor Otaku’s review (which no longer exists) of the series that there is a twist ending, and while it’s an ending that would usually cheese me off, it’s done so well and with so much love for the story that I can’t help but marvel at how it was pulled off. I won’t spoil it here, but I may post it if Hulu ever gets around to posting season 2, which insures we aren’t left hanging as to Cephiro’s ultimate fate.

Later episodes will introduce a further cast, and many of the enemies actually become friends with the Knights. Then there are the “mashin” or “machines” or (according to the dub) “rune gods”, warriors that the girls “wear” like battle armor but it looks more like they ride in them and control them with their movements. They are very impressive designs.

In addition to checking out the series, which is also available on DVD, I also recommend the original manga, also available in English. It’s a well-told story in whatever format you view it, and I very much recommend it.

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