"I promise to buy your comic if you buy mine."

Sonic Universe #17

Archie Comics (August 2010)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Tracy Yardley
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Jason Jensen
LETTERER: Phil Felix
COVER: Tracey Yardley and Ben Hunzeker (getting credit at last)
EDITOR: Mike Pellerito
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Victor Gorelick

For their honeymoon, Tails takes Antoine and Bunny to his secret island, where he also builds a little robot friend. Unfortunately, it’s not so secret anymore, as a group of bad birds have decided to keep it for themselves, and one of them isn’t happy that Tails has the power of flight!

What they got right: Tails is my favorite Sonic character, so seeing him get to be the hero of his own arc makes me happy. And it looks like he’s getting his own arch enemy. Sweet!

What they got wrong: I love not having anything to put here.

Recommendation: If you like Miles Prower, you’ll like this.

Our little boy's grown up. {click for full-size}

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