Last week I posted the first set of ConnectiCon strips, made on the back of business cards that I never really gave out (because I am an idiot). Here is the second half, along with the front of the card.

{click for full-size}

As far as my work goes, I think they came out pretty well. Next week it’s back to the usual four-panel strips, but for now, here are some news stories I picked up. None of it involves Comic-Con news, since I’ll be covering that on its own.



  • Info on the Avengers movie, including an official website. Looks like everyone wants to stick it to Mr. Pym. (Including the people writing him all these years.) However, we do have the official roster meeting at SDCC.
  • In a related posting, concept art for the Captain America and Thor movies.
  • Could the US actually be making a proper version of Godzilla?
  • Done right, a live-action version of Fairy Oddparents might be interesting. This will not be that movie.
  • Media Blasters is announcing a delay on a number of titles, including the second remastered season of Magic Knights Rayearth.
  • A CG version of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner will debut with the sequel to the spy spoof Cats & Dogs. (h/t: ToonZone)
  • Also by way of ToonZone, and related, a similar spoof, T.U.F.F. Puppy.
  • Captain Marvel will have a recurring role in the new Young Justice animated series. Yay! Now give the Marvel family their own series.
  • This teaser, an animation test sequence, makes me excited about the upcoming Transformers: Prime cartoon. Then there’s the panel, which includes character models and a few other interesting data bits. My only disappointments are that Bumblebee is more like the movie version in design instead of a compact and Arcee is now blue.
  • News about the new Avengers cartoon.
  • TV Legends Revealed has an interesting story about the behind the scenes of Gilligan’s Island, All in the Family/Archie Bunker’s Place and a writer who DIDN’T want the credit he deserved.

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in other news

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Transformers #9

Just so Spike remembers who's in charge here.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Darkwing Duck #2

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