Now that we’ve seen what the big two are offering, is there any news from the smaller publishing companies that got my interest? Well, let’s find out. Once again we return to Comic Book Resources to see what’s what.

For these reports, since I’m only going to check out what has my attention and not every event (probably ignoring Image, for example), the layout for this and tomorrow’s posts will be in the layout of the Weekly Wrap-Up articles, only without Jake & Leon. This also may include a few tidbits from the big two that I may have missed the past two days, but the focus is on the smaller companies, like IDW and Boom.

  • The Cape is getting a comic book adaptation and the series won’t hit NBC for a few months to see if it’s worth it. I guess DC has high hopes for this series. Or is it produced by Warner Brothers, DC’s parent company?
  • Ape Entertainment debuted their newest comic, Scratch 9, an all-ages comic about a cat who can summon one of his used nine lives to help him battle evil. I’m curious as to how which life he summons matters. The series does have its own website.
  • Jeff Smith discussed his future plans with the Bone series and his inspiration for the all-ages comic and the more mature RASL comic.
  • Mark Guggenheim talked to CBR about his new Image imprint, Collider Entertainment. He wants to give movie writers the opportunity to make comics. If they can’t cross the media divide between film and comics, that’s going to go so badly you can’t imagine. Too many comics look like they wish they were movies as it is.
  • Unrelated, this actually makes me wonder what happened to Top Cow’s “American Originals” idea. I haven’t heard anything from that in a long time. And their Facebook page doesn’t appear to have updated since last year.
  • Something I didn’t mention in the DC post: congratulations to Jenette Kahn, earning the “Inkpot Award“.
  • IDW plans to make all-new The Rocketeer stories. I’ve only seen a few stories and the Disney movie, but I think it’s a good idea. I’ve discussed my love of movie serials, and The Rocketeer’s outfit is based on that kind of costume and jetpack. Sadly, I haven’t been able to afford the reprints both financially and in terms of storage space.
  • Scott Pilgrim writer Bryan Lee O’Malley discussed the series, the final volume, the video game, and the upcoming movie During the “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Fans” panel.
  • Some interesting stuff at the Wildstorm panel, but more for you than me. I’m just surprised they’re still doing original IPs.
  • I really need to somehow read The Incredible Change Bots because they’re making a sequel.
  • Fantagraphics will be reprinting the classic Mickey Mouse comics. I like this news, and with the upcoming Epic Mickey video game, I suggest a little cross-promotion may be in order.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more reports and posting them in the Weekly Wrap-Up, but tomorrow I’ll let the non-comic media have a little say.

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