Let’s be honest. Unless your one of the contenders for the prize, and this tournament I’m not, the only reason to take part in the bonus round is to encourage our readers to go vote on this thing. For anyone new, the Friday Night Fights are a series of tournaments, 12 rounds each, where participants post their favorite comic book fights around a central theme, currently chosen by our Master of Ceremonies, Spacebooger.

The theme this time was actually rather easy. Just don’t use the same fighter more than once in the tournament. Look through the archives and you’ll find some more themes, including ones prior to the Spotlight existing. For the bonus round, an extra stipulation was put in. We have to use Spider-Man, because of the whole “Maximum Clonage” storyline that inspired the tourney logo. Well, since I didn’t win any of the rounds (I had to break out Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul just to get a vote…one vote!), I think I can be a bit laxer here, and go slightly off the rails. So who wants bacon?

Bonus Round

The Battlefield: Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham #6 (Marvel/Star Comics, March 1986), “Salad Daze”

The Promoters: Steve Skeates (writer), Joe Albelo (artist), Janice Chiang (letterer), Steve Mellor (colorist) and Larry Hama (editor)

Aunt May is in the hospital because she’s Aunt May and even as an anthropomorphic pig, some things in the multiverse remain constant. Of course, Spidey freaking her out by forgetting to check the window before web-swinging home didn’t help any. There is a serum that can get her out of her coma, but it’s been stolen by a villain called “the Master Conniver”, which turns out to be…Ducktor Doom!

"And what I want them to do is go on "America's Got Talent".

To save Aunt May, Spider-Ham is going to have to cut some veggies…before they cut him! Or..shoot him, whatever.

George Bush approved.

Since this is for someone he cares about, Spider-Ham smashes through this like a kid with action figures. Even Doom knows when to head for the hills.

"In hindsight, I should stop getting my evil plans from the Food Network."

And so he escapes in a phone booth escape rocket while Homer Simpson’s favorite comic book hero takes down his last opponent.

And there's your bad pun for the week.

But it is. The canister is empty. Now how will Aunt May be saved? By making a deal with Mousephisto, of course! Sorry, had to. Actually, she gets a serum transfusion from Eggplant Boy up there. And that’s why this comic is awesome. We’ll see if the new version holds up Monday. But for now, please do what the sign says.

click to vote in this week's tournament

There are 12 excellent…well, there are only 6 eligible competitors actually, since Spacebooger can’t win the grand prize and there were a few repeat winners in the main tournament. Still, choose your winner and get him a prize.

(That’s something else we need…more female competitors. And more competitors overall, so if you have a blog–I’m not sure it even has to be a comic blog, as the Spotlight is more multi-purpose–consider taking part in the next tournament.)

Next week, the second half of the old “Ladies Night” tournament, and a farewell to the creator of the Friday Night Fights, Bahlactus.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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