Also that whole razor blade incident from decades ago.

Between Snow White and "Adam & Eve", apples get a bad rep.

Muppet Snow White #2

Boom! Kids (May 2010)

WRITERS: Jesse Blaze Snider with Patrick Storck
ARTIST: Shelli Paroline
COLORIST: Braden Lamb
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow
COVER “A” (shown): David Petersen
COVER “B”: James Silvani
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

The queen decides to send assassins (Crazy Harry & Uncle Deadly) to kill off Snow White and her new friends, the 7 Dwarves (after Pepe takes Scooter’s job and hires Rowlf as the new “Dopey”). When that fails, it’s time to get the traditional poison apple.

What they got right: On it’s own, it’s a pretty interesting story, balancing the drama of the tale with the comedy of a parody. The characters are well written in their Muppet personality, and there’s a nod to Muppet Peter Pan.

What they got wrong: I haven’t read the original Grimm story (I didn’t even know it WAS a Brothers Grimm story until this series), but I don’t recall any adaptation, Disney or otherwise, involving a pair of assassins. This is feels like an excuse to either pad for the GN or for the writers to sneak in some favored characters, like Pepe and the bear and the cameos this issue.

Recommendation: I’m a little less keen on this issue than I was the last one, and I was iffy on that as it was.

And why I miss the narrator in comics.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers: Nefarious #5

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