Cyborg Superman hosts the best parties.

Batman: The Brave & The Bold #19

DC Comics (September 2010)

WRITER: Adam Schlagman
PENCILER/COVER: Carlo Barberi (with Hi-Fi, cover)
INKER: Terry Beatty
COLORS: Heroic Age
LETTERER: Rob Clark, Jr.
EDITOR: Michael Siglain

After a battle between Hal Jordan and Hank Henshaw, the “Cyborg Superman”, Henshaw decides he wants a power ring of his own. He is able to capture Hal, who sends his ring to Batman. After some quick training with the Green Lantern Corp, Batman and a group of Lanterns go to save Hal. Together, Batman and Hal step outside their comfort zones to defeat Henshaw.

What they got right: The writer found an interesting way to introduce Hank Henshaw into a kids book, considering the original has a long and brutal origin story in the main comics. I like the way the characters are portrayed, and the two that have actually been on the show (Batman and Kilowag) are in keeping with their depiction.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure why the writer used Hal, who hasn’t been seen on the show, in a story where Guy, who has, is just as useful. I’m not sure if the cartoon ever plans to use him, but his first appearance could end up rendering this appearance out of continuity. And why did Henshaw become a “Cyborg Superman” in this continuity. I mean, we get the cyborg part, but why does this version have Superman’s outfit? They don’t explain that.

Recommendation: A good story in keeping with the show (at least for now) and the comic series. Great for Hal Jordan fans, but I still prefer Kyle.

Hank's dentist is going to Hawaii this year!

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