Mighty Orbots is one of those shows that sadly few people remember. Although the “anime boom” still hadn’t really hit, the producers created a show in that style, even using famed Japanese animation studio TMS. It will probably never see a full DVD release, even with only 13 episodes, because not enough people remember or care about it. However, it has one kicking intro.

One disappointment, though, is that my trip through YouTube didn’t herald any copies that featured the opening narration by the famous Gary Owens. At least we got the rockin’ part.

The music really gets you set up for the action to come. We also get a quick intro to the Orbots and an idea as to what they’re like. It’s not very deep, but it’s an 80’s SatAM kids show. What where you expecting? I’ve only seen one episode in years, and it is a well written story that exposes Ohno’s importance to the team not only as Rob/The Commander’s assistant, but in completing the combined “Mighty” form of the Orbots, despite not being one of the appendages.

It was Gary’s intro (and his excellent narration throughout the episode that might have been cheezy and oh so 1980’s but that’s what we loved about it) that explains the Orbots and their commander were battling the evil alien supercomputer Umbra. This show had everything. Huge space battles. Secret identities, complete with love triangle. Fun characters. Gary Owens. And this:

I would love to see this show brought back, or at least the old episodes released on DVD.


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