Jetfire commits suicide after seing "Revenge of the Fallen".

Transformers #10

IDW Publishing (August 2010)

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Guido Guidi
LETTERER: Neil Uyetake
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt

Since the President declared all Transformers “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, the Autobots can’t be seen working with the American soldiers. So Spike and Skywatch sneak the Autobots into South Korea to take on the Combaticons. Unfortunately, the Autobots are forced to remain in vehicle form, which goes as well as you’d expect. But Bumblebee has a plan and seeks out the aid of…Thundercracker!

What they got right: There are quite a few fun yet believable moments with the Skywatch team trying to sneak the Autobots into South Korea. The action was well done and unlike the Movieverse comics you can tell who’s getting their chrome driven over. Bumblebee’s plan makes me look forward to the next issue.

What they got wrong: I’m hoping that this story somehow leads to the Autobots FINALLY being accepted as the good guys (although that’s with the government, as the populace may need a bit more convincing).

Recommendation: This seems to be the arc where Costa is finally getting this series going. It may be a good arc to start reading this series if you haven’t already.

Sing it with me, Transfans. "You've got the touch, you've got the poweerrrrrrr...."

Up Next: “Best Scene of the Week” in tomorrow’s “Weekly Wrap-Up”.

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