Trust me, you don’t want me drawing them straight on.

Funny that Jake mentions the art style. But you’ll have to wait for next week. In the meantime, here’s some news I can let you in on.



  • Betty White is hot property right now. Not that way, you pervs. I mean she is the source of merchandising for her new TV Land Sitcom, Hot in Cleavland (which also features many stars of sitcoms past), and she just won an Emmy.
  • Comic legend Stan Lee has a new show on the History Channel (which has nothing to do with history, so I guess they’re the next niche station to go mainstream), and now he will appear in an episode of SyFy’s Eureka.
  • A trio of legends about the Lassie television series.
  • Confirmation that Mary Jane Watson continues to be shafted as she won’t be in the rebooted Spider-Man movies, either. Instead it may be Gwen frickin’ Stacey and/or Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy.
  • New writers for another rebooted comic-turned-movie franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The same guys who wrote the first Iron Man movie = good news. That movie was the only big bright spot for me that year. (Side request: I can only think of two TMNT cartoons. What was the third one?)
  • Coming to DVD: She-Ra: Princess of Power and Batman Beyond, both getting full-season box sets.
  • Who can play a John Wayne role better than Jeff Bridges? Considering the current list of Hollywood stars, that’s a short list. Which says more about the current list than Bridges. In his defense, they are trying to go closer to the original novel, True Grit.

video games

in other news

  • A cute piece about the four phases of an anime convention experience. Having been to two ConnectiCons and a U-Con @ UConn, I can confirm the truth of these statements. Also note that TGWTG has a new look for the blogs as well as the rest of the site.
  • Starting next week I’ll post a link to the latest post from my other blog, The Clutter Report, in this space. It took me this long to figure out where to start. Man, this place is a mess.
  • This Week’s Cracked: What do the Batcave and Hello, Dolly have in common? Why do so many TV characters drink Shasta Cola, and why can’t I find it on the shelves? Swear you’ve heard that scream or seen that piece of equipment before? This and more can be learned about by checking 5 Things Hollywood Reuses More Often Than Plots. And you didn’t need to use Spyder-Finder to locate it. It’s what I do.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Iron Man: Legacy #5

Sure, Thor looked great tossing thunderbolts, but what can compete with the Power Of AWESOME! Seriously, now I should rescan that. Tony’s line is cute. But it’s not awesome.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Batman Beyond #3


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