"I can't believe I left my watch up here."

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man volume 2 #5

WRITER: Paul Tobin
ARTIST: Roberto Di Salvo
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Patrick Scherberger & Edgar Delgado
PRODUCTION: Dan Remollino
EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

After last issue, Peter has gone missing, still suffering from the beating he took at the hands of Bullseye. Chat scours New York for her boyfriend, while the Torinos begin their own search for Spider-Man. However, it’s one of Torino’s thugs that find him first, but has been questioning his role as a mob thug. This and other factors convince him to actually help Spider-Man and Chat escape unharmed and perhaps consider a new line of work.

What they got right: Considering all that happened last issue, I’m glad Tobin actually continues the story this issue. His bringing continuity to the comics is one of the things I’ve praised him for since taking over the MA titles. Even Flapper’s sacrifice isn’t swept under the rug, and I fully expect a funeral in the next issue or so. There’s one sequence when the injured Spidey first tries to make his way home where the colors are muted and faded out a bit that works as symbolic of Peter’s fuzzed out mind at that moment, which works well.

What they got wrong: I don’t think you get to leave the mob that easily, so I’m expecting a follow-up story that I probably won’t get.

Recommendation: This continues to be the only Spider-Man comic worth reading, and if this ends up getting canceled I will be fully convinced that Marvel is as stupid as DC is for canceling Billy Batson.

Does this make Chat the MA version of Squirrel Girl? If not, I demand a team-up.

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  1. Michael Jung says:

    I completely agree with you. Paul Tobin’s Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures (or is it Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man) really is the best Spider-Man comic out right now — not swamped in murky continuity or wallowing in angst like the mainstream Spidey, and or Ultimate Spider-Man — just some really solid stories about a decent guy and a fun supporting cast that seems to draw inspiration from Spidey’s sense of responsibility.

    Oh, and as far as that Squirrel Girl-Chat connection goes — Chat DOES have a mysterious older sister who’s supposed to finally show up for the first time in Spider-Man Marvel Adventures Vol 2 #8. Could her name possibly be… Doreen??


  2. The last names (Sandoval and Green) don’t match up, but it will be curious to see just how far reaching Emma’s brain games with Chat actually were.

    And bringing Squirrel Girl into MA may increase the readership, but I think her fans are mostly MA readers anyway.


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