Isn't it nice of Thor to pound out the dents in his axe?

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes V2 #6

Featuring: Thor (and hey, it actually does!)

Marvel Comics (November 2010)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
PENCILER: Ronan Cliquet
INKER: Amilton Santos
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER ART: Clayton Henry
PRODUCTION: Dam Remollino
EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

Thor tells Nova (and the girls Nova was hoping to impress had they not been more into Thor, poor guy) the story of the time he and another Norse god, the Executioner, fell from Asgard and became leader of two different pirate crews. With Nova unconvinced, Thor takes them to the very village they fought in, where Round 2 commences.

What they got right: This was a nice little story, seeing Thor telling a story of one of his older battles, and the art was very good.

What they got wrong: The story Nova gives for cannonballing near Thor, which started this story? Yeah, it just doesn’t work. I mean, I feel for the guy having to compete with Thor for the ladies attention, but really? Too obvious a story setup. And what’s with all the women fawning over Thor, Cap, and Tony in these comics? Is Nova really that low on the totem pole?

Recommendation: A nice side story, but maybe not one to start off with if you want to see how well the series does as a superhero comic (which is quite good, so I still recommend it).

"I've got your 'cracker' right here!"

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