Alfred's really let the garden go.

Batman: The Brave & The Bold #21

DC Comics (November 2010)

WRITER: Landry Q. Walker
ARTIST: Eric Jones
COLORIST: David Rodriguez
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Chynna Clugston Flores
EDITORS: Harvey Richards & Scott Peterson

After teaming with the Lady Blackhaws to take on the Dinosaur Gang (a bunch of humanoids with dinosaur heads), Batman’s rest (such as this Batman ever rests) is interrupted when an asteroid crashes in the center of Gotham City unleashing a plant army (between this and last month’s The Incredibles, I’m thinking Landry has plants on his mind) and a space menace known as Robert who plans to take over the usual. Luckily, Green Lantern Hal Jordan arrives to help, and Batman takes Robert on a permanent trip.

Am I the only one who thinks this story was made exclusively for Chris Sims, and Sims just let us share the fun?

What they got right: This being the last issue until the reboot (silly move), and the last time Landry and Eric will be working on this title (stupid move, but that’s becoming the norm at DC Kids), they decided to go out with a bang. Every page is filled with the good kind of crazy, and this is probably the last time (by editorial fiat, like I said, stupid) that the comic will feel this close to the cartoon as far as story style. (One can only hope that they’ll at least try to retain the art style, but based on history I have my doubts.)

What they got wrong: Hal Jordan again? He hasn’t been in the cartoon once and two writers (who probably didn’t compare notes) use him in the scope of three issues. The Earth Lantern on the TV series is Guy Gardner (because poor Kyle continues to get the shaft by everybody), but we have to have more Hal, because goodness knows he’s one of the chosen deities of DC. I’m sure Landry will now yell at me, but as much as I love his run (certainly better than the subs we’ve had), I have to call this one out.

Recommendation: Since this is the last time you’ll see these guys on this title, read and realize that putting them on was probably the best idea DC Kids ever had, which if you’ve read my Billy Batson reviews continues to prove that DC Kids hates good ideas as much as the mainline.

OK, now you're just bragging.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Cartoon Network Action Pack #51–what, no reboot for this line?

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  1. Landry Walker says:

    And now is time for my editorially mandated yelling.

    Well, not really. But to be fair, Hal has been in the cartoon. And while he’s actually my least favorite GL (Rayner, Stewart, Gardner, Jordan), Eric does have a preference for drawing the versions most iconic to his childhood, and one of the first rules of writing comics is keeping the artists happy.

    And it would have been a very different story with any of the other GL’s. So there’s that.

    As for the timing, yeah… there isn’t any communication between creative teams. I actually wrote this issue well over a year ago but it kept getting bumped. Though that may be equally true of the issue written by Adam Schlagman. That said, I really like what Adam did with his issue. The only unfortunate aspect about it is that he and I seem to have come from some similar creative perspectives. Making my most recent issue (and as you note, tragically final) a bit redundant.

    Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. And I got to create a bunch of new villains for this one and finally see my decades long dream of an entire squad of Lady Blackhawk’s manifest, so it’s a bit hard to complain.


    • Thanks for the open, since I needed a laugh today.

      I haven’t seen Hal in an episode yet, not even a cameo. In any case he had more screentime on Duck Dodgers. Guy’s been the GL of choice for this series, but I didn’t hate the story.

      I grew up with Hal myself (mostly in Superfriends), but I wish someone would give Kyle the credit he’s due. When the DCAU used him, Kyle’s origin in Superman was practically Hal’s outside of job (he also had Hal’s hair color), and he was snubbed for Justice League in favor of John Stewart except for one episode where’s he’s supposedly in training.

      I probably figured you and Adam (who also wrote a praised story) didn’t have contact, but that’s where the editor is supposed to come into play. Personally, I would have liked to have seen you end with Cosmic Supergirl, since I’m betting you could have gotten away with it, being the last issue and all. 🙂

      And I’m sure we all dream of a group of lady Blackhawks. 😉


  2. Reed Solomon says:

    Guy Gardner is the perfect choice for GL in the Brave and the Bold, because lets face it, which Green Lantern is most entertaining when teamed up with Batman?


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