The Incredibles #14

BOOM Kids! (September 2010)

WRITER: Landry Walker
ARTISTS: Ramanda Kamarga & Marcio Takara
COLORIST: Rachelle Rosenberg
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
EDITOR: Christopher Meyer
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

As Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and the ladies battle the Underminer below ground, Xerek puts his plans into motion, which includes a giant robot claiming to be run by the Incredibles and supersizing Ungorilla while Mesmerella begins hypnotizing Dicker’s superhumans (the former henchmen) into attacking the heroes.

What they got right: I like how the superhenchmen are back and how they’re brought into the story. I can easily see what Xerek’s plan is, and it is rather ingenious. (Hopefully it doesn’t lead to long-term fallout or this will go from “right” to “wrong”.)

What they got wrong: In the big splash page, some of the people running for their lives are green, and they all look like aliens anyway. The latter can be blamed on how small they are, the former cannot.

Recommendation: You really have no reason not to get these comics, so long as you have the funds and the ability to get it.

Mostly in Japan.

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