Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors

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Most of the entries I have for “My Favorite Intros” tend to be 80’s animated kids shows. To me, these were the best intros. Not having to worry about introducing every main actor on the show, they also had original footage more often than not, as opposed to simply using a bunch of clips. (Come to think of it, the two old Hawaii Five-0 intros had the same thing, as opposed to the new one, which had clips mixed with a few computer interface effects.) They could also be a lot more dynamic because they had a smaller special effects budget.

Also, most of them didn’t have Shuki Levy, truly an unsung musical talent. While he may be more known for his work on the Power Rangers franchise, Levy and fellow Ranger Maker Haim Saban put together some of the best theme songs in kids TV. Take for example tonight’s entry, Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors.

While the series’ backstory little matched the original toyline (simply titled Wheeled Warriors), adding a somewhat mystical element, it became a decently remembered series. It also spawned this cover I found while looking for videos for this week’s entry.

The intro itself, with a brief explanation of the story of the Monster Minds and Jayce’s mission to find his father, leads into a great battle sequence with the heroes each spotlighted, showing who they are. Add to that a music score that revs you up for action and you have a great intro. Even the outro maintains the action, and kind of cools you down.

Not that high excitement was the order of the day mind you, but it was still good for the time, and is available on DVD. If you want to listen to more of Levi’s work and find out what other shows he did, you can go here to the themes section of his official website. You can even hear a lot of them for yourself and take in the nostalgia. (I recommend the theme song for M.A.S.K., which even has a second verse not used in the series. I think these were final proofs or something.) You can also catch a few episodes (sadly not even most of them) at Jaroo.com, DIC’s official streaming website.


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  1. Jan says:

    Hell yeah! This was one of my favorite cartoon intros (I didn’t like the show, but I’d stick around just to hear that hair metal-esque opening).


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