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Iron Man: Legacy #7

Marvel Comics (December 2010)

WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILER: Steve Kurth
INKER: Allen Martinez
COLORIST: John Rauch
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
PRODUCTION: Damien Lucchese
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Charlie Beckerman
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

The Pride, convinced that Tony Stark and Iron Man are here to bring them down, sick the Serpent Society on the homeless hero. However, Tony knows nothing about the Pride and believes that Obadiah Stane sent them. As Tony prepares to start a new company, aided by his new friends, the Society attacks him. Without his armor, except for the chest piece, Tony finds his way to an electronics cache at an old junkyard…and improvises.

What they got right: Although still quite serious in tone, this feels like a Van Lente-penned story. The art isn’t perfect but still quite readable.

What they got wrong: In the first scene, agents of the Pride teleport into the Hangman’s cell to learn about his meeting with Tony. Afterward, an African-American woman in the trio, upset that he “tried to lynch a black man” and calling it “historical insensitivity”, has him hypnotized into hanging himself. My problem? HE’S CALLED THE HANGMAN! Does this woman not think that he’s hung whites, Latinos, Asians, and other races of people he’s deemed “evil” (because he is a fanatic)? Why does nobody call her on this! This is why I hate this race war BS.

Recommendation: That scene aside, it’s a good story and it’s nice to see Van Lente getting back to form. Now we just need Tony back to form.

Who wants fried snake?

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