This week’s comic reviews won’t be in alphabetical order, based on a bunch of stuff you don’t care about. We are, however, getting three Transformers comics in a row.

Granted, I'd take Bumblebee over Obama any time...

So now he's President?

The Transformers #12

IDW Publishing (October 2010)

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Guido Guidi
EDITOR: Andy Scmidt
ALTERNATE COVERS: Don Figueroa (including shown) and Casey  Coller & John-Paul Bove (Comic-Con cover)

Optimus makes peace with the Predacons, but Onslaught starts up the fighting between the Autobots and Predacons (because he’s a jerk). All this is too much for one of the Skywatch soldiers back home, who cuts the encryption and allows the world to see what’s happening. While Thundercracker takes out the Energon facilities in North Korea and China, a truce is again formed between Prime and Razorclaw. However, the damage is done back home, and when Bumblebee steps forward to plead their case to the humans it seems to be working…until someone in the crowd blasts him!

What they got right: The artwork and the story in North Korea were both good. I like how the various Transformers factions acted and flowed well enough from the last issue.

What they got wrong: Where does some guy in a crowd get that kind of firepower? Why does Sandra flip out like that? And why do I suspect that Costa is about go back into fail mode?

Recommendation: I am so neutral on this one. On the one hand, the conflict in Korea was well done, on the other hand the stuff back home looks like it’s about to fall apart again just when it had the chance to finally start getting it’s act together. Look for the Autobots to become the hunted ones again would be my guess, but the next issue looks like it may lead to the one thing I was really hoping to avoid…Rodimus Prime!

Yes, I am forced to admit it was a decent enough scene story/artwise. But still, why Bumblebee?

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers: Prime graphic novel

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