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I have two songs this edition, and neither of them are what you would call “narrative heavy”. I’m working on a few ideas for next time, though. Now the two songs aren’t by the same artist, or even in the same genre. However, they share one common bond: I would have liked them had they not involved cheating on your significant other. No, I don’t mean that the song is ABOUT adultery like “Secret Lovers“, although there are too many of those kind of songs out there that seem to condone it. These are the audio equivalent of “blink and you’ll miss it”. They kind of sneak it in under the radar, which is why I bypassed the music video and found lyric postings.

So my finger of shame is pointed at you, Uncle Kracker and Enrique Iglesias (ft. Pitbull)!

Let’s take the first one chronologically. If you just listen to Uncle Kracker’s “Follow Me”, it sounds romantic enough. However, there’s a line that I know people have missed. At a party some years ago we were discussing the “Kidz Bop” cover of the song. For the uninitiated, “Kidz Bop” is a series of records with kids covering popular songs from the radio, but editing out certain suggestions so that kids won’t hear the sexual or drug-crazed themes in the song.

This also goes for adultery. Pay close attention to the second verse.

I’m not worried about the ring you wear
because as long as nobody knows then nobody can care.
You’re feeling guilty and I’m well aware
but you don’t look ashamed and baby I’m not scared.

There’s also that line about he not being able to give her money or the sky but “you’re better off if you don’t ask why” and right after talks about how it isn’t his fault that she’s gone Ashley Madison (god, I hate those ads) on her spouse. I’m not sure if you should care that the person you’re cheating with is cheating themselves or who’s “fault” it is, but that doesn’t stop you from sucking.

The thing is, it’s a nice, relaxing beat but because the song is about adultery, and singing its praises, it limits how many romantic evenings can include this song.

Then there’s the latest from Enrique Iglesias and his little friend Pitbull. The video for this song is pretty darn cool, but it distracts from the pro-cheating part at the beginning of the song. Yes, unlike Uncle Kracker, Enrique decided to kill the mood with the first verse. “One love, one love” my #$#!

So right at the start we know that his girlfriend and her boyfriend are away and he’s decided he wants to sleep with her. Oh sure, it sounds like he’s talking about hitting the club if you aren’t paying attention, but he spells it out right there. Go ahead and read it again. It’s not that veiled, or even a double entendre. (Which by the way doesn’t have to be sexual in nature.) And yet intentionally or otherwise I was fooled just hearing the lyrics in passing while enjoying the beat.

(Although I do wonder why, at least in English, Pitbull suddenly talks about partying with the Obamas. What the slag does that have to do with the song?)

As someone who is strongly against cheating (my own trust issues may play a part), this kills what are otherwise two songs I could enjoy. Sometimes the devil is in the details, or in this case the lyrics.

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