Sadly, Darkwarrior Duck does not appear.

Darkwing Duck #5

BOOM! Studios (October 2010)

WRITER: Ian Brill
ARTIST: James Silvani
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
DESIGNER:Erika Terriquez
ALTERNATE COVER (shown): Sabrina Alberghetti (artist) and Mike Cossin (colorist)

The city is cheering the return of the Terror That Flaps in the Night, except for Negaduck. With the help of Magica De Spell, he captures and hypnotizes Darkwings of other realities into ruining Darkwing’s good name. Meanwhile, Darkwing reconnects with Morgana McCawber, who has lost her mind thanks to Bulba.

What they got right: I like that Negaduck doesn’t understand why Magica wants Scrooge’s “Number One Dime”. It makes sense, and I also like the team-up as well as the cameos by Ammonia Pine and Bugmaster. Also, the return of Morgana hopefully means the return of the Justice Ducks.

What they got wrong: Except Gizmoduck, apparently. If Gosalyn is going to be a superhero, I want her to use her show (occasional) alter ego, Quiverwing Quack, and Fenton back in the Gizmoduck suit. And a team up with Boom’s Disney superhero team, the Ultraheroes. And a pony*. And a million dollars. I’m sure Boom can do something on this list.

Recommendation: A must for Darkwing fans.

*On second thought, scratch the pony. Too much work.


Yes, I know we also have a prehistoric Darkwing riding a dinosaur and Gosalyn practicing in the Gizmosuit. Sometimes I’m just a romantic.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Doctor Who #16, the last issue (or at least the last with David Tennant)

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  1. JerRocks2day says:

    That sucks that Dark Warrior Duck doesn’t appear. Maybe he will in future issues, along with Fenton Crackshell himself.

    Can’t wait for Comet Guy to debut again someday. He was such a gas.


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