Jim Lee’s (WildC.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams) was deemed popular enough to be given its own Saturday morning cartoon. Which seems kind of odd considering how dark the comic is, but the end result was…not bad. Slightly better than Ultraforce but nowhere near the DCAU. Then there’s the theme song, which is not the worst of the “Not-So-Favorite” Intro entries (Conan the Adventurer still bears the heavy crown upon his head) but it’s easily one of the most forgettable.

To be honest, musically it isn’t half bad. Outside of that woman screaming like a heavy metal singer having her backside a little too close to the fireworks, it does get you pumped for some serious action. The visuals are all over the place but it does say “our heroes are here to kick butt and here’s how they do it”.

And then the rap starts.

Remember how I lambaste Conan for essentially saying “he’s awesome because we won’t stop saying he is”? Well, this is a step up, but only with one foot. “They’re awesome because they’re tough when the chips are down”. Nothing about their origins as the descendants of space aliens. Nothing about fighting aliens who can possess people, cyborgs, animal mutations, or anything else. Just something you expect Dude Manrod and Blain from Predator to say about themselves in a game of one-upsmanship while visiting Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. You have to keep it clean around Fred Rogers or he will jack you up!

This is only the third cartoon I know of based off of an Image Comic. HBO’s Spawn you already know, but USA Network also aired a version of The Savage Dragon that wasn’t too bad. Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. (Covert Action Teams) also wasn’t too bad. Granted, I never got into the comic, so I’m not a good judge of the translation from comic to animation, but for the continuing decent of “sanitizing” of Saturday Morning, it’s at least worth a viewing. Although not at the price the DVD is currently going for.

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  1. JerRocks2day says:

    Never saw that cartoon nor the TV series, it was based upon.

    However, I kinda prefer this ‘Wildcat’ better. lol


  2. Jeremy Aron Patterson says:



  3. Jeremy Aron Patterson. says:

    Well, Archie gave S:TAS a comic book. Instead of making the adaptation a second Sabrina title, they cancelled the existing Sabrina book to make room for the book, therefore fitting the theme of ‘RIDICULOUS REBOOTS’! The book had the creative team of Marvel’s Alf comic!



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