The last thing the cameraprogram saw.

Tron: Betrayal #2 (of 2)

Marvel Comics (December 2010)

WRITER: Jai Nitz
PLOT: Starlight Runner Entertainment
PENCILER: Andie Tong
LETTERER: John J. Hill
COLORIST: Pete Pantazis
COVER ART: Salvador Larroca & Frank D’Armata
BOOK DESIGN: Jeff Powell
based on characters created by Steven Lisberger & Bonnie MacBird for the feature film “Tron” and by Eddy Kitsis & Adam Horwitz for “Tron: Legacy”

WARNING: possible spoilers for Tron: Legacy

After Kevin’s wife dies, he tries to balance Encom, the grid, and being a single father. Although his in-laws help, Flynn is forced to step down from Encom to focus on Sam, which also takes time away from the grid. In that time Clu becomes more determined to eliminate the Isos and takes drastic action against Flynn to put the grid above even his family life, thus leading to the upcoming film.

It’s really hard to judge this as a prequel without seeing the actual film (hence the break in my usual format, which doesn’t come out for a few weeks and I probably won’t get to until sometime after that. If accurate, it is a good telling of events portrayed. The art is fair although Tron still looks too much like Flynn instead of Alan. It does the job it set out to do in making me interested in the sequel.

Then again let’s be honest…I’m already interested, even if the reviews are bad, just to see how they pull it off or fail to. 🙂

For best scene, I want to choose every fight scene, but I can’t so that’s why there’s no nominee.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Transformers #13

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