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I’m actually glad I didn’t make to the finals this time around. The prize is a horror comic, and that’s not my thing. No matter, check on the winners of the past 12 rounds, see what they’re offering in the bonus round, and vote for the ultimate winner of this tournament.

As for me, I promised that I would show you how Bumblebee was destroyed (only to be rebuilt as Goldbug) in the UK if I found it. As much as I don’t like to end Bumblebee/Goldbug’s story on a downer note, I found it. Now if you recall from that round I mentioned that the UK didn’t get G.I. Joe & The Transformers and needed a different way to get Bumblebee into Goldbug. Sadly, they also went for the “destroyed and repaired” method, but also brought in a character I originally couldn’t care less about, and yet was tired of hearing about. Now I hate him.

Bonus Round

The Battlefield: The Transformers (UK) #114? I’m using the Titan reprint, Fallen Angel so I’m kind of guessing here. Also, that’s why the pages look poorly scanned. I’m not willing to wreck my book to have perfect scans for this fight.

The Promoters: Simon Furman (writer), Will Simpson (penciler), Tim Perkins (inker), Starkings (letterer) and Steve White (colorist…sorry, “colourist”…although at this point I half expect Nel Yomtov to do the UK comics, too.)

Furman has a weird idea about time travel. Apparently his version requires…well, let’s let Bumblebee explain it.

Then maybe you shouldn't have let him know you were standing there. Idiot.

Does that even begin to make sense? Didn’t think so. Yeah, the big guy is Death’s Head, a guy who has somehow worked his way into both Marvel UK and US. He has a fan following. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the bounty hunting jerk, who also popped up in Doctor Who. Not sure how that happened.

All you Death's Head fans who want to tell me why he's awesome, don't waste your finger strength!

OK, now I care. I hate him! Wreck-Gar also mass-shift time-travels to the modern-day of…1987, and he’s responsible for rebuilding Bumblebee into Goldbug. Later in this arc, Goldbug would right out try to go head-to-head with Furman’s overpowered pet character, Galavatron, because that’s how ‘Da Bee/Bug rolls! But that’s really Ultra Magnus’ fight, so we’ll save it for another occasion.

Next week, the rest of Spacebooger’s first tournament. It’s like showing the baby pictures, only less embarrassing. And we don’t have to see his naked fanny, so everyone wins. 🙂

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